Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A place to rest.

There wasn’t much life left in the day, so Patrick opened the drawer marked ‘Things to Remember’ and withdrew a bundle of old Christmas cards, holiday photos and trinkets. Among them were: photos from his and Tim’s first trip to Europe together, when Tim was just 5 years old; the first birthday card Stephanie wrote for him on her own; Tim’s report card from Grade 5 commending his way with words; a shell Stephanie collected outside their beach house in Rye; the funeral booklet of his Mother, Diana.

Patrick’s hand weakened at the last item in his ‘Things to Remember’ bundle. In his handwriting was a torn note he hadn’t thought of in years. It was a note he had written for Sarah when she was 27 and he first knew of her being pregnant with Stephanie. He hadn’t looked at the note since she had passed.

Dearest Sarah,

Tim can’t sleep and your news kept me awake too. We have created something I had never dreamed I would be a part of. Our little man, with his tiny hands and big, bold eyes, will soon have a friend. I have never not wanted sleep as much in my life, for every moment left I want to savour with open eyes.

Promise me, that as long as we’re both awake, you’ll never leave. Otherwise there’ll be nothing for me to do but sleep.

I love you,


There wasn’t much life left in the day, so Patrick watched from his window as Mickey chased bees in the lavender patch, before finally allowing his memories to sleep.