Tuesday, March 8, 2011

iPhone Note - 8/03/11- 55 Tram.

Dark skinned, pierced nose, tapping your feet, probably to The Strokes. You nearly set fire to your cardigan as I watch. I’ve never seen a girl with a Zippo before. Where are you coming from? Probably RMIT University where you study graphic design in that hope that one day you'll do album covers for indie bands, or the packaging for a new tampon brand. Nonetheless, you smell amazing. A mixture of sex, cigarettes and Kate Moss’ new fragrance. I wonder how many times a week you eat at Lentil, and whether you admit to the fact that you once loved Jack Johnson. 

You’re the dark skinned girl, with the pierced nose. You smell great, but given the chance, I’d take some of that lighter fluid to your clothes and strike a very indie match. There’s nothing romantic about that.