Friday, March 11, 2011

Day Walker (iPhone Note)

It's dark. As dark as usual, anyhow. Walking down my regular route to where the tram leaves from, I ask Phillip what the time is. He doesn't reply, just keeps walking. Keeping an eye out, ignoring other commuters.

I board. The tram jolts forward and a million tiny hands touch me, saving me from a dozen tiny bruises. Two million eyes and more are now trained on Phillip and I. When this happens you can feel the heat, they aren't burning through you, like you read about in romance stories, it’s more like the numbing of warm wax. No flames, nothing dangerous.

With the millions of eyes trained on me I decide to do the same back.
I remove my sunglasses and at least one million eyes leave me, the remainder growing more intense. All at once they go up in flames.

Phillip leads me off the tram and we start our day with a coffee at Marios, where they always bring him a bowl of water and hang my cane.