Monday, January 9, 2012

Candles and Curry.

“Find me one good reason”, Jack challenged, pointing to his boner.

“Maybe you just like long, hard, hot candles.” Sally joked.

“I’ve never had a boner during a séance, and rarely over a candlelight dinner – except, you know, when a nipple slip or thigh rub was involved.”

“Could have something to do with the wax. Isn’t that a fetish?”

“I’m pretty sure my only fetish has to do with feet.”



“You going to finish that?” Sally rarely finished her curry. Tuesday was Curry Night, followed by Tight Arse Tuesdays at the cinema.

“My belly isn’t too crash hot today. And I’m not sure Mission Impossible needs the extra colon explosion.”

“Why have we never worked, Sal? As a couple, I mean.”

“Jack – we’ve been over this before. You snore. You hate Politics. And you’re an idiot. Not to mention a misogynist.”

“I’ll misogynise you if you’re not careful.”

“There you go – plain idiot.”